Pitch Like Masses

Billy Mark: microphone
Jon Armstrong: MPC, woodwinds
Kari Rae Seekins: MPD w/ Ableton
Andrew Lessman: drums

bandcamp  •  pitchlikemasses.com

Pitch Like Masses is a quartet that plays thickly textured and slow burning electro-acoustic music with samplers, drums, woodwinds and a front man who jumps between abstract spoken word, crooning melodies, and rapid freestyle.

PLM formed in 2009, after meeting at the California Institute of the Arts, and have since performed extensively around the Downtown LA art gallery scene, in Austria and Germany and have collaborated with boundary-pushing puppetry, dance, and performance art groups Automata Arts, Exhibit A, In-SENSO (France) and The Mob (Sweden).

While lines can be drawn to the work of Four Tet, Can, and the Coltranes (John, Alice and Flying Lotus equally), PLM have been cultivating a sonic ecosystem all their own which is marked by a deep collective heartbeat and strikingly telepathic interplay. Their approach to playing live is pure improvisation, which allows each show to be an entirely different experience depending on the space and the audience. This ability to shape shift has allowed them to captivate audiences in situations as varied as ambient bookstore readings at DTLA’s The Last Bookstore to sweaty, drunken 4am dance parties in a barn at the Spiel Festival in rural Austria.